Thursday, March 19, 2009

French protests, anglosphere blackout

You will notice the total blackout of the nationawide strike in France. I've followed it on facebook - you see, it is good for something. According to the numbers in Le Monde, it involved a nationwide turnout of around 3 million. From the Parisian:

231 manifestations. In total, there were 231 manifestations organized in all of France, which is a twentieth more than on 29 January last. In Nice, Lyon, Grenoble thousands of salaried workers invaded the streets. At Marseilles [where there was 320,000], the demonstrators by the thousands grouped themselves in the old port. In Paris, the line of marchers went a little after two o'clock from the place de la Republique in the direction of place de la Nation, passing by the Bastille."

Meanwhile, in the U.S., Dr. Jeep plays on...

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Anonymous said...

You will be happy to know that it isn't a complete blackout. A friend of mine who lives in NYC was listening to NPR this morning while getting ready to go to work, and she heard how they were strikes in France. It was just mentioned in passing. And while it was being mentioned, apparently the news show host had to interrupt and comment. The gist of which was that those French going on strike and demonstrating are such idiots, you can't go on strike and solve a recession by not working!